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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do some of the statuses have a question mark hint? hint Icon
  • Some organizations provide hints for their statuses. These hints are designed to provide a detailed definition or meaning of the status.
  • Why do some records have icons over their "MORE DETAILS" buttons, while others do not?
  • Each icon has their own meaning:
  • Has public record or disciplinary action - Indicates the record has public record or disciplinary actions
  • Has public documents available to view - Indicates the record has public documents available
  • What options are available to mobile users?
  • Every option that is available in the desktop mode is available for mobile users. Use the mobile menu in the upper right hand corner to access the mobile controls.
  • I know this person operates in a particular city or county. Why did the filters not show them?
  • The filters are based on their address of record. The address of record does not always match their area of operations.

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